How would the pipe installation affect residents of the Emerald Forest subdivision, which is near the proposed route? How long will construction take?

One of the three proposed routes would extend down Highway 109 near the Emerald Forest subdivision, but no final route has been selected yet. Here is a map of the proposed routes based on preliminary research done by Missouri American Water. The pipeline installation is estimated to begin in mid-2021 and be completed in mid- to late-2022.

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1. The map of the proposed water pipeline from Wildwood to Eureka shows three route options. Has one be selected?
2. How would the pipe installation affect residents of the Emerald Forest subdivision, which is near the proposed route? How long will construction take?
3. Can you guarantee that Eureka’s water would be better quality with Missouri American Water?
4. What will happen to the city’s existing water towers? Will the existing tanks hold the new water after the change in water supply is made?
5. Eureka has hilly terrain, and there is a pump house in our subdivision. Will Missouri American Water be able to provide water with adequate pressure?
6. Does Missouri American Water enter into lease agreements for water and sewer systems?
7. Has Eureka considered buying water wholesale from Missouri American Water?
8. What will happen to the employees that are now employed with Eureka’s water and sewer department?
9. Does Missouri American Water have a backflow prevention program to identify unprotected cross-connection hazards?
10. Would changing the depth of the well heads improve the water’s corrosion? If so, why hasn’t this been done in places where the water quality is the worst, like the Legends?
11. How much of the local property taxes paid by Missouri American Water would go to the City of Eureka?
12. What is the breakdown of the commitment of improvements that Missouri American Water has agreed to spend as part of the proposal?
13. Will residents that are currently on wells and septic systems be required to connect MAW’s utilities in the future?
14. Where can I find the water testing reports from nearest pump station that will be supplying the city with water from Wildwood (not the general region report)?
15. In the rate projection graphs why do all options include “Eureka invests“? Why is no status-quo option presented?
16. If the sale proceeds, what if any involvement will Eureka residents have with “MSD“ (Metropolitan Sewer District)?
17. Good water through bad pipes is still bad water. Will MAW be replacing all of the old distribution pipes?
18. Does the entire town lose water when that pipeline breaks?
19. The rate structure seems to favor high volume users. Why?
20. What water quality guarantees do we have from MAW?
21. MAW water reports show the water being distributed is still extremely hard. How does this solve the hardness issue Eureka water has to just get different hard water?
22. MAW water reports show TDS levels in our area much higher than investing in Eureka and setting up our own RO system would have. Why should we sell our rights for water that's still bad?
23. I believe you are saying the rate is 107 per month for the first five years and is a combination of both sewer and water charge for 6400 gallons usage. Is that correct?
24. What is the individual cost for 6400 gallons of water provided to a Eureka Customer by MAW if providing and what is the individual Rate for 6400 Gallons of sewer charges to a Eureka customer?
25. 3. What would be the individual rate for water to a Eureka customer by MAW per 1000 gallons of water?
26. 4. What would be the individual rate for sewer to a Eureka customer by MAW per 1000 gallons?
27. 1. Water from MAW to EHS adjacent tank then lines connected to all storage distribution tanks completed in 1 year for all of Eureka to be on MAW water?
28. 2. There was a town hall at the timbers where Cheryl Norton the president of Missouri American Water spoke. Where is the exact link to that video pls?
29. The Arbors have to pay a $800/yr maintenance fee for the water tower, if we sell to American Water does that fee go away??
30. If the sale of the Water and Treatment facility to MO Am Water passes, would the City still send a monthly bill to residents for Storm Sewers? If so, how much would this be?