Prop E Projects Status

Prop E Project Updates

The City continues to make progress toward the projects being funded by the Prop E Sales Tax.  Pursuant to State law, this sales tax can only be imposed for 20 years, so there is a limit as to how much will be available to fund eligible projects.  Additionally, not surprisingly, as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, sales tax revenue has been and will continue to be lower than initially projected.  Following are updates on the three (3) primary projects identified for funding under Prop E:

Flood Protection:

The City has designed flood walls to provide robust flood protection for the City.  The initial application was submitted to the United States Army Corps of Engineers in February, 2020.  The City is currently working through the approval process, which is anticipated to be resolved by Spring, 2022.  The proposal submitted to the USACE for approval is attached at the following link:  The Flood Protection Plan

We have also been taking other more immediate measures to help protect against some flash flood events by enhancing capacity and particular flow.  These efforts include debris removal from creek channels to enhance flow and stabilizing creekbanks on some segments of creeks located on City property, such as the project that was completed through Lions and Legion Parks.

Allenton Bridge:

The City has submitted construction plans to MoDOT for approval, as well as to both railroads since they are affected by the bridge.  Our engineers are refining the plans based on MoDOT's review comments.  Both railroads were comfortable with the initial plans, and we are continuing to work with them toward obtaining their final approval.  The City intends to hold a public hearing regarding the bridge in December, at which time a project overview will be presented and the public can ask questions.  The date of the public hearing will be posted as soon as possible.  The City’s goal is to have final approval from the railroads and MoDOT by the end of this April, to have construction start by summer or fall of 2022, and to complete the bridge construction by June of 2023.  Following is a conceptual plan of the bridge. Aerial Display of Allenton Bridge

Government Center (Police Station, City Hall and Municipal Court Facility):

The City has hired an owner's representative and architect to assist with the process of building a new combined Police Station, City Hall and Municipal Court facility.  The City is currently reviewing different possible building sites and determining the requirements for both facilities.  The City anticipates finalizing a location by the first quarter of 2022.