Roots Mountain Bike Flow Clinics

Bike Park Monument SignRoots Mountain Biking is offering a Flow Clinic for intermediate and advanced riders. Participants should already be comfortable riding most of the features at this park. The clinic will help you refine those skills. During this 3 hour session, the following skills will be covered: pumping, jumping, advanced cornering and drops.  We will learn the basics of these skills in a field, then we’ll apply it to the features at the park.

Roots Mountain Biking BICP certified instructors will progress you through each skill individually.  Groups will be small so you will get plenty of attention and detailed, professional instruction.  Two sessions being offered for this clinic.  

Please make sure to have your bike and body in good working condition prior to the clinic. Helmets and knee pads are required and elbow pads are highly recommended.

Check out Roots Mountain Biking Facebook page for more details: 


  • Check back for future dates
  • Eureka Mountain Bike Park


  • $125.00 per session


Register online by creating an account through CivicRec.