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Water and Sanitary Sewer Sale Update

The City of Eureka officially closed the sale of our Water and Sanitary Sewer systems to Missouri American Water Company.  Missouri American takes over ownership and operation of the system starting today (8/4/2022).
This sale process started in the fall of 2019 and was approved by the voters in August of 2020.  It took all of 2021 and part of 2022 to receive final State approval.
Missouri American will greatly improve our water quality by changing our water source (the City will have the same water as the rest of St. Louis County). They are building a transmission line to bring water in from the Missouri River (currently terminated at their Wildwood Plant) instead of our current local wells.
Missouri American has completed engineering on the first phase of this line and has started bidding construction of the project; work will begin this winter. They anticipate the rest of the line being fully operational late 2024. 
Residents and businesses will receive one last bill from the City for their July usage.  Missouri American will be sending out information on how to transition to their billing service and general information about the many improvements they are going to offer. They will also have information regarding the transition and personnel assigned to answer questions. Please keep an eye out for the information and let us know if you have questions. 
While this is all good news, we want to remind everyone that bills for water and sewer will increase once turned over to Missouri American (our community will pay the same rate as all other customers in St. Louis County). While it will be frustrating that we have this increase now, while not getting the new water until 2024, Missouri American will be working diligently to construct the new line and you will enjoy greatly enhanced service and response immediately.  Please note that regardless of whether the sale occurred or not, the City would have been required to greatly increase rates to deal with many compliance and maintenance issues if we retained the system. Since there would have been an increase in either case, at least we have one that solves all of our issues in the short and long term.
The City of Eureka is pleased that we are finally able to follow through on what the community voted for in 2020 and look forward to everyone enjoying great water in the near future.

Missouri American Water Purchase Agreement

Following is a link to the ordinance and final draft of the proposed Missouri American Water Agreement for the acquisition for the City's water and waste water systems.

Missouri American Water Contract

Missouri American Water Proposal to Purchase Water and Waste Water Utilities

All studies have been completed at this time.