Ok / Help Sign

An ’Ok’ sign can be as useful to first responders after an earthquake or Catastrophe as a ’help’ sign.

If Disaster Strikes

Ideally, each household should store enough food, water, medications and batteries to hold out for several days before help arrives following a major earthquake or other catastrophe. To let responders know whether somebody inside needs assistance or can manage on their own, the city of Eureka urges people to make or obtain window signs that read "help" or "ok."

Emergency Kit

The emergency kit everyone’s supposed to keep ready at home and in the car probably includes a way to signal for help. Public safety officials suggest that a sign indicating you and yours are all right will also come in handy

How to Reach Responders

Once printed fold the sign in half to display help or ok and display in a window or door facing a public street visible to responders.