Sales Tax Rates

CategoryTax Rate
City - Capital Improvements$0.00500
City - Parks/Storm Water$0.00500
City - Public Safety (Prop E)$0.00500
County - Metro Parks - Arch$0.00188
County - Public Safety$0.00500
County - Zoological$0.00125
County - Community Children’s Service$0.00250
County - Emergency Communications (Not on Food)$0.00100
County - Metro Link Transportation$0.00250
County - Metropolitan Park/Recreation (Not on Food)$0.00100
County - Transportation$0.00500
State - General (Not on food)$0.03000
State - Education$0.01000
State - Conservation$0.00125
State - Parks and Soils$0.00100

Please note that the total Sales Tax at a particular establishment may be further impacted by Transportation Development Districts (TDD) or Community Improvement Districts (CID).