Earthquake Awareness

An earthquake could be described as an ’assault-with-no-warning’. Because an earthquake is unpredictable, here are some survival tips for citizens.

Ideally, each household should store enough food, water, medications and batteries to hold out for several days before help arrives following a major earthquake or other catastrophe. To let responders know whether somebody inside needs assistance or can manage on their own, the city of Eureka urges people to make or obtain window signs that read "help" or "ok." Download an Ok/Help Sign (PDF).

Prepare Before, During & After an Earthquake

The New Madrid Seismic Zone caused the three largest earthquakes in the continental United States in 811-12. Every year, Southeast Missouri experiences over 200 measured events - some of which are large enough to be felt by local residents. An earthquake can be described as an "assault-with-no warning." Because a New Madrid Earthquake is unpredictable, it is important for citizens to take steps to educate and protect themselves from an earthquake.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Recommends Drop, Cover & Hold On

FEMA reiterates its long-standing advice for staying as safe as possible during an earthquake. It’s easy to remember and even easier to do: 

  • Drop to the ground.
  • Take cover by getting under a sturdy table or other pieces of furniture.
  • Hold on until the shaking stops.Drop Cover Hold On