The Eureka Police Department Continues to make great strides as an organization. Despite a challenging economy, we are moving forward with a comprehensive strategic plan. Within the plan are four primary goals of the Department which are to:

  • Fight crime
  • Promote organizational development and innovation
  • Provide quality services
  • Provide a supportive environment for employees

These strategic goals serve to guide the activities and direction of the Department, and provide a foundation for decision-making so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality police service to the Eureka community for years to come.

The Department’s structure is designed to be well aligned, flexible, allow for future growth and ensure that the organization is able to respond to the current and ever increasing and changing demands placed on law enforcement. The Department is currently comprised of 28 full-time police officers. We currently have an administrative staff of four full-time civilians. All are dedicated to preserving the safety of the Eureka community.

Michael A. Wiegand
Chief of Police/City Marshal
City of Eureka

Eureka Police Department 2022 Annual Report

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