Annual Backflow Prevention Device Inspection

A number of households and businesses have backflow prevention devices installed as part of their plumbing system. This device prevents outside contaminants from being introduced into the water system as a result of certain types of water usage.

While there are a number of instances in commercial plumbing systems where a backflow prevention device is required, the most common use in residential installations is in conjunction with a lawn sprinkler system. For those of you who have a backflow prevention device installed at your residence or business, please note that an annual inspection by a licensed tester is required by Missouri State law. If you have such a device, you need to coordinate your annual inspection as soon as possible and provide the results to the St. Louis County Public Works Department.

You may wish to check with a local plumbing professional who may either be licensed to perform the inspection or may be able to recommend a licensed tester. St. Louis County also issues the permits for installation of the backflow prevention devices. If you have any questions regarding the program, you may call the St. Louis County Public Works Department at 314-615-2559.