Business License Fee Rate:
$25.00 per year
Industrial: $25.00 per year
Office: $25.00 per year

Business Utility Tax Rates:
5% of Gross Billed Amount
Natural Gas: 5% of Gross Billed Amount
Telephone: 5% of Gross Billed Amount
Cable Television: 5% of Gross Billed Amount

City Sales Tax Rate:

Current Base Sales Tax Rate Applicable to
Retail Sales in Eureka

Sales Tax CategoriesSales Tax Rate
State – General (Not on food)$0.03000
State – Education$0.01000
State – Conservation$0.00125
State – Parks and Soils$0.00100
City – Capital Improvements$0.00500
City – Parks/Storm Water$0.00500
County – Transportation$0.00500
County – Metro Link Transportation$0.00250
County – Metropolitan Park/Recreation (Not on Food)$0.00100
County – Community Children’s Service$0.00250
County – Emergency Communications (Not on Food)$0.00100
County – Transportation$0.00500
County - Metro Parks - Arch$0.00188
County - Public Safety$0.00500
City - Public Safety (Prop E)$0.00500
County z Zoological$0.00125

*Please note that the total Sales Tax at a particular establishment may be further impacted by Transportation Development Districts (TDD) or Community Improvement Districts (CID).

Real & Personal Property Tax Rates
Residential Real Property Tax Rate:
$0.3650/$100.00 Assessed Valuation
Commercial Real Property Tax Rate: $0.3860/$100.00 Assessed Valuation
Agricultural Real Property Tax Rate: $0.3580/$100.00 Assessed Valuation
Personal Property Tax Rate: $0.3870/$100.00 Assessed Valuation

*St. Louis County commercial real estate has an additional commercial surcharge of $1.70/$100.00 Assessed Valuation.

Residential Real & Personal Property Tax Rate
Tax Distribution

State of Missouri0.03000.03000.03000.03000.0300
St. Louis County General0.19500.19800.15700.20900.2090
St. Louis County Health Fund0.13100.13300.10500.14000.1400
St. Louis County Park Maintenance0.04600.04700.03800.05000.0500
St. Louis County Bond Retirement0.01900.01900.01900.01900.0190
Road & Bridge0.09800.09900.07900.10500.1050
St. Louis Community College0.21120.21120.21120.21120.2112
Special School District1.19121.19121.19121.19121.1912
Metropolitan Zoo/Museum District0.26940.26940.26940.26940.2694
St. Louis County Library0.23400.25300.21500.22500.2250
Rockwood School District4.50154.50154.50154.50154.5015
Eureka Fire Protection District1.16141.16141.16141.16141.1614
City of Eureka0.36500.38600.35800.38700.0000
Sheltered Workshop0.08400.08700.07000.09000.9000
TOTAL TAX RATE8.5367*8.5867*8.4047*8.5897*8.2027*
Commercial SurchargeN/A1.7000**N/AN/AN/A


*Rate per $100.00 Assessed Valuation
**Additional charges are not calculated in the total tax rate