Trash & Recycling


The City of Eureka contracts with Waste Connections for collection of yard waste, household trash, bulky waste, major appliances and recyclables.  If you have any questions regarding trash collection, please contact City Hall at (636) 938-5233.  The schedules and procedures are described below:


1.  Yard waste, recyclables, household trash and bulky waste are picked up on the same day with the City being divided into five service days (See your service day below). All items are to be placed at the curbside between the hours of 6:00 p.m. the day prior to collection and 6:30 a.m. and empty trash containers must be removed from the curb no later than 8:00 p.m. the day of collection.

2.  Major Appliances include “white goods” such as water heaters, washers, dryers, etc. An appointment must be made with Waste Connections to have major appliances picked-up. Please call 636-321-2100 to schedule a pick-up.

3.  Holiday schedules will be as follows:

When a holiday falls during the week, your pick-up service will fall one day later from the day of the holiday, for that week. For example: If a holiday falls on a Wednesday, service provided on Monday and Tuesday would be unchanged. However, those areas that are normally serviced on Wednesday would have their items picked up on Thursday, with each subsequent service day having their trash picked up a day later.

Holidays observed are: January 1st (New Year’s Day), Memorial Day, July 4th (Independence Day), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25th (Christmas Day).


1. If for any reason trash is not at the curb by 6:30 A.M. on your scheduled pick-up day, it may be missed until the next scheduled pick-up day. If a driver determines that a stop is not out they will record the time of arrival and note that for Waste Connection’s records.

2. Missed stops called in by 5:00 P.M. on the day of pick-up, that are determined missed, will be picked up on the following day. Please report any missed stops to the City of Eureka at (636) 938-5233.


1.  Containers: Residential solid waste shall be stored in containers of not more than thirty-five (35) gallons nor less than twenty (20) gallons in nominal capacity. Large, portable plastic containers with wheels and having a capacity of not more than ninety-six (96) gallons are acceptable as well. Containers shall be leakproof, waterproof, and fitted with a fly-tight lid and shall be properly covered at all times, except when depositing waste or removing the contents thereof. The containers shall have handles, bails or other suitable lifting devices or features. Containers shall be of a type originally manufactured for residential solid waste, with tapered sides for easy emptying. They shall be of a light weight and sturdy construction. The weight of any individual container or contents shall not exceed seventy-five (75) pounds. Galvanized metal containers, or rubber, fiberglass or plastic containers which do not become brittle in cold weather, may be used.

2.  Household Trash and Bulky Waste include any item except major appliances generated from normal household operation. Bulky waste includes furniture, small appliances, rugs, etc., but excludes tires and car parts. There is no limit to the number or amount of household trash and bulky waste items placed at the curbside. If an individual item of trash or bulky waste weighs more than seventy-five (75) pounds, or is of such an irregular size or shape so as to impede lifting or placement for removal without special service, IESI will leave notice with the resident that they must call to set an appointment and have such item picked up on a designated day of the week as may be established.

3. Any loose debris must be bundled and tied together, e.g., pieces of molding or wood, and shall be tied in bundles no more than four (4) feet in length. No bundle can be more than eighteen (18) inches in diameter and no individual item can be more than six (6) inches in diameter. The weight of any individual bundle shall not exceed seventy-five (75) pounds.

4. Yard Waste includes grass, leaves, flowers, plants, tree trimmings, and brush. Yard waste must be placed in trash containers and paper bags. Plastic bags are not accepted.  Trash containers that are used for yard waste storage must be clearly marked with a “Y” which will identify it contains yard waste (Use tape, a permanent marker or paint. “Y” should be clearly visible and at least 12 inches high). Tree trimmings and brush must be tied in bundles no more than four (4) feet in length. No bundle can be more than eighteen (18) inches in diameter and no individual tree branch or limb can be more than six (6) inches in diameter. The weight of any individual bundle shall not exceed seventy-five (75) pounds.

5. Recyclables: Place your unsorted recyclable materials in your recycle bin and/or other resident-owned container that is clearly marked with an “X” which will identify it contains recyclables (Use tape, a permanent marker or paint. “X” should be clearly visible and at least 12 inches high). When your recycle bin and/or other container gets full, put any additional recyclables in 30 gallon garbage bags or 14 gallon kitchen trash bags. Tie the tops of your extra bag(s) shut to secure the contents. On your pick-up day, place your recycle bin and/or other container at the curb as you normally would, then place any extra bags of recyclables ON TOP OF YOUR RECYCLE BIN OR OTHER CONTAINER so the extra bags of recyclables won’t be mistaken as being extra bags of trash. Cardboard boxes that are to be recycled should be placed at the curb next to the recycle bin.

Remove your name from junk mailing lists by writing to:

Direct Marketing Association
PO Box 643
Carmel, NY 10512

or go to this website

6.  To obtain information about recyclable and hazardous waste materials that the City’s trash hauler cannot accommodate, you may wish to visit the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District website.


Acceptable Materials Preparation Guidelines Prohibited Materials
Aluminum Beverage Containers
Steel Food Cans (aka “tin cans”)
Aluminum Trays & Foil
Trays and foil MUST be free of all food residue. Please empty and rinse all cans & containers. Also, please crush to conserve recycle bin space. NO bulk metals (pipe, angle iron, etc.), lawn chair frames, pots & pans and other large pieces of metal.
Jars and Bottles used to package food & beverages (clear, green and brown)
Please empty and rinse.

Metal & plastic lids may also be recycled: please place lids and jars/bottles in bin separately.

NO pane glass, Pyrex type cookware, dinnerware or ceramics.

NO insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers.

PETE #1 (soda and water bottles)
HDPE #2 (milk and juice jugs, ketchup & salad dressing bottles, detergent & fabric softener bottles, kitty litter buckets up to 5 gallon in size, etc.)
PVC #3 (health & beauty aid jars and containers, household cleaner bottles and containers, etc.)
LDPE #4 (margarine & dessert tubs, condiment bottles, 6 & 12-pack rings, etc.)
PP #5 (yogurt, sour cream & cheese tubs, narrow neck syrup & ketchup bottles, etc.)
OTHER #7 (narrow neck bottles only)
Please empty, rinse and crush all containers. Lids may also be recycled when removed from the jars and bottles.

Plastic containers have symbols, usually molded on the bottom or printed on the side, showing which type of plastic was used to make the container.

ALMOST ALL plastic containers can be recycled (EXCEPT for PS #6).

NO motor oil containers.

NO insecticide, herbicide or hazardous chemical containers.

NO diapers.

NO plastic film or wrapping

NO plastic bags – PLEASE return plastic grocery bags to your grocery store.

NO Styrofoam containers, peanuts or packing materials.

NO PS #6 containers of ANY type.

Milk & juice cartons; juice & drink boxes.
Please empty and rinse.

Please remove straws from juice/drink boxes.

Cardboard (NO waxed cardboard)
Brown (Kraft) paper bags
Magazines, catalogs & phone books
Office, Computer, Notebook and Gift Wrapping Paper
Chipboard (boxes such as: cereal, cake, food mix, frozen food, shoe, gift, soda, beer, etc.)
Junk mail & envelopes (windows OK)
Paperback books
Please remove all metal clips, spirals and binders from office & notebook paper.

Shredded office paper should be bagged in a PAPER bag.

Please break down and flatten cardboard boxes.



NO plastic newspaper sleeves.

NO hardcover books.

NO non-paper items such as plastic “membership” cards and stick-on address labels commonly enclosed in junk mail.



You have the option of renting ninety-six (96) gallon “toters” (trash containers) from Waste Connections. The number to call to rent totes is 636-321-2100. Please indicate that you are a City of Eureka resident. The rental of these totes is not required to receive your refuse pick-up service.

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Following is an enumeration of pick-up days according to streets. If your street is not listed, please contact City Hall at 938-5233.



Ashwood Trail Court
Beldar Lane
Bushgate Way
Caribou Court
Central Avenue, North (Except for alley off North Central)
Elk Run Drive
Elm Trail Drive
Emerald View Court
Emerald Oaks Court
Enderbush Lane
Enderwood Place
Fawn Meadows Drive
Forby Estates Drive
Forby Road
Gandolf Way
Hickory Ridge View Court
Hillington Court
Hillington Drive
Hilltop Terrace Drive
Hilltop Townes Drive
Hilltop Ridge Drive
Hilltop Woods Court
Meramec Boulevard
Misty Mountain Lane
North Street, West
North Street, East
Redwood Glen Drive
Shire Lane
Virginia Avenue, North (North of I-44)
White Doe Court


Edward Court
Edward Drive
Fifth Street, West
Hunters Chase Drive
Hunters Green Lane
Hunters Heights Court
Hunters Heights Drive
Hunters Hollow Court
Hunters Lake Court
Hunters Run Court
Leona Lane
Muir Street
Orchard Lane
Rockwood Parc Court
Rockwood Place Court
Shaw Drive
Sierra Terrace
Sierra Village Drive
Sierra Lane
Top Notch Lane
Viola Lane
Walden Court
Walden Drive


Abby Lane
Allen Road (199 only)
Ashton Way Circle
Bald Hill Road
Beverly Street
Brewster Road
Brock Road
Brown Avenue – Allenton
Butler Drive
Cahoon Drive
Central Avenue, North (Alley only)
Central Avenue, South
Cerromar Drive
City Hall Drive
Currier & Ives Lane
Curtis Drive
Deer Run (217 & 225 only)
Drewel Court
Dreyer Avenue
Eagle Pointe Landing Drive
East Avenue
Elliot Street
Fairway Oaks Drive
Fairway Estates Court
First Street, West
Flint Ridge Drive
Fourth Street, East
Fourth Street – Allenton (315 only)
Fourth Street, West
Fox Creek Lane, South
Franz Drive
Frisco Street
Grace View Drive
Hagemeister Drive
Hawk Hill Drive
Heyden Drive
Highway 109 (4500 only)
Hill Drive
Hornecker Road (5701 only)
Howerton Lane
Huey Drive
Huntercombe Drive
Huntersford Road
Inverrary Court
Ivers Avenue
Macoffin Avenue
Main Street – Allenton
Main Street, West (333, 337 and 737)
Maureen Drive (540 only)
Melba Lane
Niehoff Drive
O’ Sullivan Avenue
Old Highway Route 66 (18493, 18609, and 18675 only)
Palisades Ridge Court
Palisades View Drive
Palisades View Court
Patterson Avenue
Pin High Court
Pin Seeker Court
Pine Bough Lane
Rock Haven Drive
Schmelz Drive
Second Street – Allenton
Second Street, East
Second Street, West
Spring River Ranch Road
St. Stephens Road
Summit Oaks Drive
Theodore Street
Third Street, East
Third Street, West
Thunder Hill Drive
Thunder Valley Drive
Virginia Avenue, South
Virginia Avenue, North (South of I-44 and North of RR tracks)
Walton Drive
Wash Avenue
Weber Drive
Wellington Woods Court
Wellington Woods Drive
Wengler Road
West Avenue, South
Wilderness Way Drive
Workman Road


Bluffs View Court
Grand View Ridge Court
Legends Bluffs Court
Legends View Drive
Meramec View Drive
Meramec Bluffs Court
Meramec View Court
Overlook Terrace Court
Southern Hills Court
Southern Hills Drive
Spring Cove Court
Stone Spring Drive
Stone Spring Court
Thorntree Lake Court
Thorntree Lane
Thorntree Estates Drive
Upper Bluffs View Court
Vista Glen Court
Vista Hills Court


Augustine Road
Cerny Avenue
Clara Street
Eureka Road
Forest Hills Drive
Forest Run Drive
Georgianna Street
Hickory Hill Drive
High View Drive
Maureen Court
Maureen Drive (except for 540)
Orf Place
Private Arthur Drive
Victorian Court
Wallach Drive
Wild Hawk Drive
Williams Drive
Williams Road
Willow Drive