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Proposition E – Proposed Public Safety Sales Tax

At their January 16th meeting, the Board of Aldermen approved placing Proposition E on the April 3rd ballot.  This Proposition is to authorize a 1/2 percent sales tax which can be used only for police facility and equipment costs, bridge and roadway infrastructure improvements, as well as flood control measures.  Throughout the next several weeks this webpage will be updated with additional information.

Fact Sheet

What is Prop E?Prop E would add ½ cent to the sales tax in the City of Eureka. The tax would sunset/cease in 2038 (20 year term). A few examples of a ½ cent increase on common items: the cost of a $10.00 meal would increase 5 cents and a $199.99 Six Flags season pass would increase by 99 cents. Prop E has no impact on Property Taxes (your house or vehicles).
How Much Money does Prop E Generate?The City estimates Prop E is projected to generate revenue to support $15.9 Million of public safety projects over 20 years.
When is the Vote?April 3, 2018
Prop E ProjectsProp E is limited by Missouri State law to “Public Safety” uses.
The Eureka Board of Aldermen Approved 3 Projects for Prop E funding:
(1) Allenton Bridge,
(2) Flood Mitigation, and
(3) Replacement Police Building.

Project #1:
Allenton Bridge
$6 Million
The current “Allenton” bridge is in severe disrepair. It has recently been limited to one-way traffic, and the City anticipates that it may be required to close this bridge in the near future due to safety concerns.

The cost of replacement is estimated to be $8 Million. The City will obtain the remaining funds from a combination of private stakeholders and grant opportunities through State and regional organizations.
Project #2:
Flood Mitigation
$2 Million
Flooding in Eureka has caused city-wide public safety and transportation issues, and has had a crippling effect on the Highway 109 corridor of our City.

Prop E would allow the City to begin immediate flood fighting projects (such as sump pumps, electrical upgrades and survey work) that could mitigate flooding impacts in our area in the short term.

Long term, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will complete a flood study of our region by early 2019. Prop E funds would be used to implement the study recommendations and likely put Eureka first in line for matching funds from State and Federal agencies.

While it is not yet possible to determine the total cost of flood mitigation, the City would use the $2 Million to begin implementation, and then seek additional matching funds.

Project #3:
Police Building
up to $8 Million
The existing 35 year old police building is in serious disrepair. A consultant engaged by the City provided a report indicating the current police building no longer meets the City’s needs, that renovation of the existing facility was not advised and recommended construction of a new building. The City has reviewed multiple plans and sites for the building, and determined that the building can be constructed for less than $8 Million.
Fund ReallocationIn the event any of these projects comes in under budget or more funds are available (such as sales tax revenue exceeding projections), these funds will be used for flood control, the bridge project or additional public safety projects.
What is the Prop E Task Force?The “Prop E Task Force” is an appointed citizen group that was charged with providing information and recommendations to the Board regarding Prop E. The Task Force provided a detailed report which can be found at the City’s website. If Prop E is approved, the Task Force will be charged with providing the Board with information and recommendations on implementation of the Prop E Projects.

Click here for a printable Fact Sheet:  Prop E Fact Sheet 2-28-18

Memo from Mayor Coffey to Board of Aldermen regarding Proposition E

Police Facility Needs Analysis Report

Police Facility Review Timeline