Municipal Code & Amendments

Following is our Municipal Code in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Through Supplement #26 (Code Amendment Ordinances adopted after supplement follow)

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1General ProvisionsChapter 1
2AdministrationChapter 2
2AAlarm SystemsChapter 2A
3Alcoholic BeveragesChapter 3
4Animals and FowlChapter 4
5BuildingsChapter 5
6Civil DefenseChapter 6
7ElectionsChapter 7
8ElectricityChapter 8
9ExplosivesChapter 9
9AFinance and TaxationChapter 9A
9AAFair Housing CodeChapter 9AA
10Fire ProtectionChapter 10
10AFlood Damage PreventionChapter 10A
10BLand Disturbance and Stormwater ManagementChapter 10B
11Health and SanitationChapter 11
12LicensesChapter 12
13Motor Vehicles and TrafficChapter 13
14Municipal CourtChapter 14
15Offenses - MiscellaneousChapter 15
15APersonnelChapter 15A
16PlumbingChapter 16
17PoliceChapter 17
18Refuse, Garbage and WeedsChapter 18
19Sewers and Sewage DisposalChapter 19
19ASignsChapter 19A
20Streets and SidewalksChapter 20
20ASubdivisions, Mobile Home Parks and Public CampgroundsChapter 20A
21TaxicabsChapter 21
22WaterChapter 22
23ZoningChapter 23
ALLEntire Municipal Code (3.3 MB File)All Municipal Code Chapters

Ordinances Amending the Municipal Code adopted after
Supplement #26 in Adobe Acrobat format*
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Ordinance NumberDate AdoptedChapter(s) AmendedSubjectFile
231912-16-201410AAdopting Revised Floodplain Regulations (Effective 2-4-15)2319
23243-3-201522Amending City Utility Disconnection Provisions2324
23253-17-20152Adjusting Mayoral Compensation2325
23263-17-20152Amending City Collector Provisions2326
23274-7-201523Amending Motor Vehicle Display Lot Regulations2327
23284-7-20155Amending Fencing Regulations2328
23294-7-20153Amending Liquor License Regulations2329
23418-4-201523Regulation Certain Nicotine Products and Body Art2341
23448-18-201513Regulating the Operation of Golf Carts2344
23459-1-201523Providing for Dog Daycare Facilities as a Special Use2345
23519-15-201519AAmending Signage Regulations2351
235611-3-20155Minimum Housing Standard Regulations2356
236412-15-201523Minimum Lot Size for Churches in Residential Districts2364
23671-5-201615Amending Berry Park Parking Regulations2367
23743-1-201619AAmending Signage Regulations2374
23775-17-201613Amending Motor Vehicle Regulations2377
23796-7-201619AAmending Signage Regulations2379
23816-21-201614Amending Court Cost Provisions2381
23827-5-201623Amending Front Yard Setback for Churches in LLRD2382
23858-16-201615Prohibiting Sports Team Activities in Berry Park2385
23879-6-20164Prohibiting the Harboring of Certain Animals2387
23909-20-201619AAmending Signage Regulations2390
239110-4-201612Providing for Operation of Food Trucks2391
239811-15-20165Relocating Telecommunications Facility Regulations2398
240012-6-20165Telecommunications Facility Regulation Amendments2400
240112-20-201610BAmending Land Disturbance Regulations2401
24062-21-201719AAmending Signage Regulations2406
24103-21-20173Amending Alcoholic Beverage Regulations2410
24144-18-201723Amending Large Lot Residential Zoning Regulations2414
24196-6-201710Amending Fire Hydrant Use Regulations2419
24239-5-201723Amending Home Occupation Regulations2423

*As ordinances amending the Municipal Code may have been adopted after the last update to this page, you may wish to contact City Hall to ensure that the most recent ordinances are posted.