Municipal Code & Amendments

Following is our Municipal Code in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Through Supplement #28 (Code Amendment Ordinances adopted after supplement follow)

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N/ATable of ContentsTable of Contents
1General ProvisionsChapter 1
2AdministrationChapter 2
2AAlarm SystemsChapter 2A
3Alcoholic BeveragesChapter 3
4Animals and FowlChapter 4
5BuildingsChapter 5
6Civil DefenseChapter 6
7ElectionsChapter 7
8ElectricityChapter 8
9ExplosivesChapter 9
9AFinance and TaxationChapter 9A
9AAFair Housing CodeChapter 9AA
10Fire ProtectionChapter 10
10AFlood Damage PreventionChapter 10A
10BLand Disturbance and Stormwater ManagementChapter 10B
11Health and SanitationChapter 11
12LicensesChapter 12
13Motor Vehicles and TrafficChapter 13
14Municipal CourtChapter 14
15Offenses - MiscellaneousChapter 15
15APersonnelChapter 15A
16PlumbingChapter 16
17PoliceChapter 17
18Refuse, Garbage and WeedsChapter 18
19Sewers and Sewage DisposalChapter 19
19ASignsChapter 19A
20Streets and SidewalksChapter 20
20ASubdivisions, Mobile Home Parks and Public CampgroundsChapter 20A
21TaxicabsChapter 21
22WaterChapter 22
23ZoningChapter 23
ALLEntire Municipal Code (4 MB File Size)All Municipal Code Chapters

Ordinances Amending the Municipal Code adopted after
Supplement #28 in Adobe Acrobat format*
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Ordinance NumberDate AdoptedChapter(s) AmendedSubjectFile
243111-21-1723Amending Outdoor Display and Storage Regulations2431
243512-19-1715Establishing Unmanned Aircraft Regulations2435
243612-19-1715AAmending Personnel Regulations2436
24381-2-1819AAmending Signage Regulations2438
24443-20-1815Amended Unmanned Aircraft Regulations2444
24495-15-182Amending Park Board Provisions2449
24516-5-183, 5 and 23Amending Outdoor Eating Place, Beer Garden and Sidewalk Cafe Provisions2451
24536-19-184Providing for Harboring of Ducks2453
24589-4-1814Imposing Court Automation Fee2458
246411-6-1813Providing Autocycle Provisions2464
247012-18-1823Swimming Pool Setback Requirement2470
24752-19-195 and 16Amending Building and Plumbing Provisions2475
24762-19-195 and 16Adopting Revised Building Codes2476
24783-19-194Revised Animal and Fowl Provisions2478
24793-19-1913Amended "Allenton Bridge" Weight Limit2479
24937-2-1915Amending Uninvited Solicitation Provisions2493
24968-6-1923Establishing Medical Marijuana Regulations2496
24999-3-1913Regulating Golf Carts and Low-speed Vehicles2499
25039-3-194Deer Control Policy and Hunting Regulations2503
25049-3-1920Amending Driveway Extension Regulations2504
251010-1-192Certain City Officers & Appointed Officials2510
252312-17-197Adjusting Ward 2 Boundaries as a Result of Annexations2523
25281-7-2019 and 22Adjusting Sanitary Sewer and Water Service Rates2528
25312-4-205Amending Setback Requirements2531
25332-18-2020ARepealing Certain Subdivision Provisions2533

*As ordinances amending the Municipal Code may have been adopted after the last update to this page, you may wish to contact City Hall to ensure that the most recent ordinances are posted.