Circuit Breaker Program

For the State:     
Citizen may be eligible for up to $750 tax refund or credit if renting, or up to $1,100 if homeowner.         
To qualify under the Circuit Breaker Program:

  • Age 65 or older on or before the last day of the calendar year and a resident for the entire year or  
  • An individual under age 65 who is 100% disabled or 
  • US Veteran who became 100% disabled as a result of such service or
  • An individual age 60 or older who is receiving surviving spouse Social Security benefits
  • AND You paid real estate taxes OR rent on the home you occupied for the year you are filing a claim
  • AND *Your TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME, including Social Security benefits, does not exceed:
  1. $27,500 if filing status is single or married living separate and RENT your home
  2. $30,000 if single or married filing separate and OWN your home
  3. $29,500 if married filing joint and RENT your home
  4. $34,000 if married filing joint and OWN your home

If you meet the requirements above, simply give a copy of MO-PTC Property Tax Credit Claim form to the City of Eureka by April 15 to have utility bill adjusted in May.   If resident files a MO-1040, then the City needs a copy of the MO-PTS which would have been attached to the MO-1040.   *(Line 6 on MO-PTC or Line 8 on MO-PTS)  Qualifications based on Revised Statutes MO Sec. 135.010-135.030.