ICE Program

ICEIn Case of Emergency

Have you put ICE in your mobile?

WHY: You might not carry “In case of emergency, notify X” in your wallet or purse or car, but I’ll bet you carry a cell phone.  And what about your spouse? Your teenagers? Putting ICE in a cell phone contact list – along with a name and telephone number – enables Emergency Services (Fire, Police, EMTs, Paramedics, ER personnel) to contact the right people in the event of an emergency.

HOW: Create an entry in your cell phone directory for ICE (In Case of Emergency) where you list the number you want a paramedic to call if they find your inert body on a sidewalk.  For multiple numbers, create ICE1 and ICE2 entries, and you may help ES a little more by entering them as ICE1 – Spouse and ICE2 – Mom entries.

WHERE: From CBS: A campaign to use cell phones to help in the treatment or identification of accident and disaster victims has taken off worldwide since the recent bomb attacks in London.  Mobile phone users are being urged to enter a number in their phone’s memory with the acronym ICE, for In Case of Emergency, with the contact person’s name and number.

Paramedics or police would be able to swiftly to find the number and use it to reach a relative or friend who could help identify deceased victims and treat injured ones, by providing vital personal information, including details of any medical conditions.

ICE is the brainchild of British paramedic Bob Brotchie, who told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen Tuesday the idea came to him “just from reflecting on difficulties I’ve had in obtaining information about patients.  The vast majority of people don’t carry emergency contact details or next-of-kin details, but the vast majority of people carry cell phones.”

While the campaign had already been launched, it had limited impact until the first series of London blasts. Those explosions rendered many victims unidentifiable, which sparked an e-mail campaign to spread the ICE idea around the world.

Do it right away while you’re thinking about it and spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers!