Park Bench & Tree Dedication Program

Bench Dedication

Through the Park Bench and Tree Dedication Program, you can establish a memorial while beautifying your parks.  Anyone can honor a special person or event by having a tree planted or a bench installed. A dedication is the perfect way to celebrate a birth, an anniversary, or to honor a special someone.  Dedication recipients will receive a certificate making them aware of the dedication and a map of the tree/bench location once it has been installed.

Tree Dedication Program

The Eureka Parks and Recreation Department will plant a tree of your choice from the preferred list. Trees will be purchased and planted once each year in November. Orders must be placed by September 1st of each year to ensure planting in October/November. Orders placed after September 15th will be planted the following year.  All trees planted under this program will be marked by a plaque to recognize the participant, event or person for which the tree is dedicated. Trees range from six to eight feet and the total cost per tree is $200.00. This cost includes the tree, installation, plaque and continued maintenance of the tree. The City of Eureka will insure the life of the tree for up to two years following the installation date.  Tree species selection will be made with staff and the donor and will depend on planting location.  Please discuss your tree species preference and tree location with staff.

Park Bench Dedication Program

The cost includes the bench, installation and general maintenance.

Download form to participate in the program:  Tree – Bench Dedication Program Brochure

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