Trail Plan

The City of Eureka is in the process of developing  a comprehensive City-wide trail system.  Recently East-West Gateway has announced that the City of Eureka has been awarded $263,713.00 in federal grant funding toward the construction of the Legion Park to Route 66 State Park trail connection. This connection will complete an east / west alternate transportation route across the City of Eureka south of Interstate 44.  Off-road underpasses at Central Avenue and Highway 109 are key components to the trail and will serve as an alternative transportation route.  The trail will ultimately connect Route 66 State Park, five City parks, Forest Staley County Park, the Eureka Community Center, Eureka City Hall, Geggie Elementary, the Old Town commercial district, Eureka Business and Tourism Center, Augustine Heights, The Legends and Shaws Garden. Flat Creek Trail opened in the spring of 2013.

The City currently has trails located in Berry Park and Drewel Park. Please click on the links provided below for more information regarding our existing and planned trails.

Trails Priorities Plan 4.26.2011
City-wide Trail System


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