Municipal Court Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The Municipal Court is responsible for providing both a process and a forum for ensuring due process of law. The Municipal Court is responsible for recording alleged violations of City codes or ordinances, issuing summons’ to defendants and witnesses, hearing evidence presented in court, ruling on cases, recording final dispositions of cases, receipting fines and court costs, and distributing such funds to their proper designations.

The Municipal Court is charged with the disposition of cases wherein violations of the Municipal Ordinances are charged. These include the Municipal Traffic Laws, including driving while suspended, driving while revoked and driving while intoxicated. These also include Municipal charges relating to offenses such as shoplifting, peace disturbance, destruction of property, and other municipal ordinance violations.

The main function of the Court is to provide for the expeditious resolution of cases brought before it involving alleged violations of the Municipal Code of the City of Eureka. If a person pleads not guilty to a charge at the initial court appearance, the matter is set for trial.  At the trial, the defendant may represent himself or retain advice of an attorney. If a person pleads guilty to a charge, an appropriate fine or other disposition of the case is made as is deemed appropriate. This may include use of Driver’s Safety Training, attendance at Alcohol or Substance Abuse Education Classes, probation with specific conditions to prohibit the repetition of the conduct charged in the offense, a fine or, in extreme cases, the imposition of jail time.

All persons charged with municipal offense violations in the Eureka Municipal Court are entitled to all protections granted to any person charged with a criminal offense even though ordinance violations are quasi-criminal in nature. These include the presumption of innocence wherein a person is presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by the Prosecuting Attorney of the City, the right to a trial and, if certified to Circuit Court of St. Louis County, the right to a trial by jury. Further, any person convicted in the Eureka Municipal Court has the absolute right to appeal the decision and have a new trial in front of an associate circuit court judge in the County seat located in Clayton, Missouri.

The goals of the Court are to insure the safety and well-being of the citizens of Eureka, visitors to the City and the City employees.

To contact the Court Clerk, Daphne Marler, you may call 636-549-1828, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.