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Exterior Appearance Program

As a result of a Municipal Code amendment recently adopted by the Board of Aldermen, the Exterior Appearance Program has been reinstated in connection with the sale of your property.  For those residents who may not be familiar with the regulations, the Exterior Appearance Code ensures that structures and property do not become or remain in a deteriorated condition.  Should the Building Department determine that your structure or property is not in compliance, you will be notified and given a reasonable period of time to address the identified deficiencies.  In the event the issues are not addressed within the time period given, the potential exists for the issuance of a summons.  The application is available by clicking here or you may contact the Building Department at 938-5233 to obtain more information about the program.

Mosquito Control

  • At least once a week, drain water from garbage cans, buckets, toys, flowerpots, wading pools, pet dishes and other objects that collect water.
  • Change water in birdbaths at least once a week.
  • Keep gutters cleaned out, and repair any tears in door and window screens.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants and light colors outdoors.
  • Spray clothing with repellents containing DEET or picaridin, making sure to follow the directions on the label.
  • Look for products containing the active ingredient methoprene or Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) to place in birdbaths or ponds, to prevent mosquitoes from developing.

For more information on mosquito prevention, contact the County Vector Control office at 314-727-3097 or visit the Health Department’s website at:

Sign Up for Code Red

The CodeRED emergency notification system is a communication service available for emergency notifications such as a missing child, evacuation, bomb threat, hostage situation, natural disaster, terrorism threat, chemical spill or other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential for safety, plus severe weather alerts if you so choose.  CodeRED can employ mapping capable of geographic targeting of calls, coupled with a telephone calling system capable of delivering a pre-recorded message at a rate of up to 60,000 calls per hour.  CodeRED can reach Eureka residents by residential phone, business phone or cell phone.  The system will make three (3) attempts to contact citizens and will leave messages in voicemail and on answering machines.  The system can also send e-mails if desired.

Submit your notification information

Reporting Issues with Weeds & Vegetation

All weeds or vegetation which have attained a height of 12 inches or more, growing or existing upon land within the City, with the exception of land used for farming or gardening purposes, are considered a public nuisance and are prohibited.  Whenever private property abuts a public right-of-way or easement which consists of a tree, lawn or grassy area between the private property line and the edge of the street pavement, landowners are responsible for maintaining the grassy area up to the edge of the street pavement, as noted in Ordinance No. 993.

To report weed violations, call the Weed Violation Line at 938-5233 (Ext. 120) or email Barb Griffin.

From the Mayor’s Desk

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Summer is a great time to enjoy outdoor plans with our families, friends and community.  Our many warm weather events and facilities are here for our residents and visitors to utilize and enjoy.  Our Fourth of July Celebration, Concerts on Central, Eureka Days and other events promise to promote an active and exciting summer.  Music, food and family enjoyment will be a primary theme for our Parks Department, organizations and businesses.
Please feel free to invite friends and relatives to our sponsored activities or hold your own picnic or gathering in one of our many parks.  Adjacent areas such as Route 66 Park, Rockwood Reservation and Greensfelder offer residents and visitors unique nature experiences that few communities are able to provide.  Take advantage of the many events mentioned in this newsletter.  Additional program and facility information can be found on our website.  We will keep you updated on new events and projects planned or underway.  Above all, enjoy a safe and relaxing summer season.


Kevin M. Coffey

Eurekans Like Enjoy Eureka

“Whether you are looking for something to do with your family, an idea for dinner or a hotspot for live music and drink specials, Enjoy Eureka will keep you informed,” said Julie Wood, Director of Economic Development for the City. Since the City launched its Facebook page “Enjoy Eureka”, we have gained many followers and accolades from our residents: “Every City should have a page like this!” “I love Enjoy Eureka!” Check it out today by going to the City’s website; and clicking the Facebook icon.

The City of Eureka, Missouri welcomes you!

Nestled among the rolling hills and limestone of Southwest St. Louis County you will find beautiful Eureka, Missouri.  Eureka is unique among other St. Louis County communities for its retention of a small-town atmosphere while still providing access to a major metropolitan area.  Beautiful local and State parks and surrounding terrain, quality schools, affordable housing and a very low crime rate are just a few of the amenities that make Eureka a great place to live, work and visit.  We are known throughout the region as the home to Six Flags – St. Louis, a major tourist destination.

The City recently opened The Timbers, a state-of-the-art Recreation Center and Municipal Pool.  We are proud of our City-wide trail system; having most recently completed the Flat Creek segment, which connects our trail system to Route 66 State Park.  Our Parks & Recreation Department provides a multitude of recreational and cultural programming throughout the year that helps to foster community interest and a shared sense of place among residents and visitors alike.

The City of Eureka is located within the award-winning Rockwood School District.  The Rockwood School District has been awarded the “Distinction in Performance” award by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and a “Gold Medal” rating from Expansion Management Magazine.

Eureka is conveniently located along Interstate 44 in the southwestern corridor of St. Louis County. Our North/South connection is Highway 109.  Highway 109 to the North provides access to communities such as Wildwood, Chesterfield and Ellisville, and to the South, northern Jefferson County.  The City of Eureka is located just several minutes East of Franklin County and a mere 20 minutes West of the City of St. Louis, providing nearby access to concerts, shopping, employers, the arts and countless other activities and attractions throughout the entire St. Louis Metropolitan Area.